Movie Review
United 93

By: Kevin Worrall

Posted 05/01/2006 - 08:54:02 PM by dunter:
 more emotional exploitation? haven't you had enough yet? its really sad to see this movie get an A. save your money and watch this movie instead: i'm unable to activate this link, but it's well worth your time to type it in. loose change is everything you don't want to be true, but you know it is.
Posted 05/19/2006 - 06:42:56 PM by loafsta:
 If anyone is tempted to follow Dunter's advice and watch "Loose Change", I'd suggest you use the viewing guide at to give you a little more perspective on the "facts" in that film. The Loose Change guide and other sites, like and, provide everything a rational person knows to be true, but a paranoid fool like Dunter doesn't want to believe. Just because Bush cynically capitalized on post-9/11 emotion to dupe Americans into supporting a war in Iraq, doesn't mean we should discard 9/11 as myth. That logic is the same as an anti-zionist denying the Holocaust because that tragedy helped promote the creation of Israel - the only difference is one of scale. When we reject 9/11 reality in favor of fantasy, we ignore the real problems the world faces in favor of a self-serving and parochial agenda to villianize Bush (and I think we can all agree that Bush is doing a great job of villianizing himself). At the same time, by falsely laying the blame on Bush, we become apologists for the actual perpetrators of the crime. I haven't seen United 93 yet, but if Greengrass handled it with half the dignity and integrity I saw in his extraordinary "Bloody Sunday", then I'm sure it deserves an A.
Posted 06/02/2006 - 09:14:16 AM by badhaircut:
 I HATED the idea of this movie before I even saw it, but after talking with a few people who did make it out to see it, and reading a slew of overwhelmingly positive reviews, I finally mustered up the courage to go see it last night. It was absolutely terrifying, but not at all exploitive like I'd imagined it would be. I think I still have a lot of confusing memories and emotions surrounding that day, and watching this helped me to better understand them and give them a proper release. Also, dunter can eat my ass.