Clothes for Business

By: Nick Southall

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Posted 03/27/2006 - 11:28:18 AM by Zarklephaser:
 Hmm, where to begin? Nick, I resent your Spacemen 3 comments, and I do think Eels are highly overrated and a band well past their prime (if in fact they had a prime in the first place), but none of that really matters because I can identify with the main idea of this article. I would be disgusted to see clothing racks in Waterloo Records (the best indie shop in Austin, Texas, and among the best in the States), but I cannot see Waterloo ever going in that direction. What about the second-hand shop in Exeter? Does that work out for you at all? The other place in Austin that I go is called Cheapo Records. They shelve about a thousand used CDs and some vinyl every day, and I make it a habit to flip through the new arrivals (which are kept separate in sections for Monday, Tuesday, etc. for the first week) every few days when I have a chance, and I usually cannot walk out without a couple used albums at the very least. Maybe you should move to Austin. I would be interested to see a master list of your entire collection if you have one, but I doubt you would share it with me anyway. Very curious, though. Good column.
Posted 03/27/2006 - 12:44:06 PM by NickSouthall:
 I always found Spacemen 3 to be a turgid and tune-free zone, but that's just me. Several people I love and respect adore them, so it's horses for courses. As for Eels, I dunno if they're overrated or not because I didn't own anything by them previously, but a few things lately have made me curious (and I only wanted them if they were cheap!).

As for the second-hand shop... well, for the last five years or so it's been much less focused on second-hand stuff anyway, and much more geared towards cheap imports. In the same timescale they've also done a booming trade in Slipknottt hoodies and the like... it's probably not much like Cheapo Records, sadly. I actually feel a little intimidated going in there in case I'm considered not cool enough.

As for my record collection - I used to keep an up-to-date database of it until my PC died. I haven't got round to rebuilding it on my Mac yet. I've posted it pretty much in its entirety on ILM in the past. I'd be willing to dig it up if you emailed me.
Posted 03/27/2006 - 04:41:52 PM by cwperry:
 I like the article. A used cd shop near my office recently went through a clothing phase. "COOL TEEN CLOTHING," the sign in the window trumpeted. The clothing business lasted only a couple of months and the store was never good anyway, but it's an example of how the music shop-cum-clothing emporium isn't isolated to good ol' Exeter.
Posted 03/27/2006 - 07:26:36 PM by PeteGuy:
 Excellent piece Nick. Much of what you've written I wholeheartedly agree with - teens with one ear-phone in while chatting to friends!!! How galling...

The most infuritating problem with attempting to support your local indie record shop is that they simply cannot compete with prices. I am from near Liverpool - home to two of the best indies I've ever come across Probe and Hairy Records. Both superb and I regularly purchase stuff there - however, with regard to 'chart' or mid-Price records the high street(particularly the Blue & White one) shops are far cheaper - and of course its in spanking new condition. Not to mention their endless sales.

I am yet to take up the whole buying online - however, I am becoming increasingly tempted, such is their discount prices. However, I dread to think what the state of our record shops will be like in 10 years time.

Having done two recent record runs recently I was saddened to see Boogaloo in Leicester and Polar Bear in Manchester had gone out of business - both of which were amazing - especially for monthly offers - like the 3 for £20 you mentioned, while Alans, also in Leicester was shutting down as Alan had 'had enough!' I wandered around the derelict unit of Boogaloo (it was above a bridalwear shop (!!), on the main highstreet in Leicester) - someone had kicked down the door - and I felt quite touched seeing the ripped Ramones posters and the odd broken 45 on the floor. You could still smell the musky record sleeves...

I think ultimately Nick, being of a similar age to myself, it shows we're getting old!! Haha! The times they are a-changin'...

All said, however, you're way out with regard to Spaceman 3 - don't listen to him kids - they're incredible!
Posted 05/03/2006 - 07:43:34 AM by James_McKean:
 Spacemen 3 made some quite good music, but were the most derivative band I've ever heard, I think. And their attempts at ROCK are frankly embarrassing. And they were both terrible singers.