The Road to Recovery

By: Barry Schwartz

Posted 03/13/2006 - 07:42:00 AM by :
 \"Downloading four...albums a day\" & \"I love music\" seem to be mutually exclusive statements. Incompatibly modern notions that cancerously eat at iPod users` withered sense of soundpleasure. Mightn`t you just stick your ear up to the exhaust pipe of your 91 Mazda 626 and smoke your brain out? Throw away your modern entrapments suckers. Learn to play an instrument badly, goodly, it doesn`t matter. Get an artist`s appreciation of vibration. Buy one album a month & play a bible out of it.
Posted 03/13/2006 - 08:13:51 AM by whiteboysushi:
 Actually I find that getting someone to casually peruse your iPod isn\'t that hard if they\'re in your car and you\'re using one of those radio transmitters in lieu of your terminally obsolete dashboard CD player, but point taken. Good piece, even though I\'m one of the CD-buying douchebags of the worlds (and yes, I really *do* care about the packaging).
Posted 03/13/2006 - 12:17:09 PM by pabanks46:
 People on SLSK and will e-suck your cock once you cross the 30,000 file count and have everything from free-jazz, to finnish underground, to micro-house, to hypenated-genre. Its just that you can\'t tell if they\'re cute (don\'t trust the picks), and you can\'t tell if you want to impress them. You\'re left with the unsatisfying feeling of impressing geeks like yourself. Its not your \"in\" to any other group of people.
Posted 03/13/2006 - 01:32:43 PM by hunky_dory:
 Man, fuckin\' Mach3 razor blades are expensive...$9 for five of \'em. Bullshit. That\'s one download of an often yet-to-be-release album a month. Thanks for opening my eyes, Barry, I\'m one of the assholes you almost aren\'t, and I didn\'t even know it. My desk is strewn with \'obscure\' library-borrowed CDs and CDRs of downloaded concerts with accompanying handwritten setlists. I\'m horrible and I hate myself, but I\'m on the verge of my first iPod, and hence, self-improvement.
Posted 03/13/2006 - 06:03:36 PM by PowerRanger:
 You are a loony. Carry on..
Posted 03/13/2006 - 07:24:47 PM by buckyringwald:
 Bill Simmons would be proud. Not surprisingly, all the dissenters below are who you are writing about. I believe the problem may be that someone pulled their card, or as Onyx would say \"pulled their skirt up\". Whoops I just dropped a classic hip hop group name. Barry Im gonna go listen to Bo Bice and smile because your article is clever.
Posted 03/13/2006 - 07:34:31 PM by Hone_Heke:
 It`s not clever you dick. That`s why there are dissenters. We demand cleverness on a Dostevsky scale and all we get is Barry Schwartz. Sigh...
Posted 03/15/2006 - 12:40:32 PM by naktnotnaked:
 SOME WOULD ARGUE THE FLAW OF HUMANITY IS CONSTANT, INESCAPABLE SELF-AWARENESS, THE NOTION THAT WITH OUR EVOLVING AND DEVELOPING MINDS, WE BECOME EVER MORE CONSCIOUS THAT NOTHING WE\'RE DOING IS OUT OF INSTINCT OR WITHOUT PURPOSE. LIKE RIGHT NOW. THIS CAPS LOCK THING. DOESN\'T IT MAKE ME SEEM LIKE I\'M NEW TO POSTING ON WEB SITES SINCE I HAVEN\'T TAKEN MY CAPS LOCK OFF YET? Now I have. It\'s a tremendous change but I was conscious of it all along, even if I did it only to make a point. What this \"Barry Schwartz\" character (clearly another member of the liberal Jew-controlled media, by the way) is doing is trying the painfully fruitless process of identifying self-awareness, which of course only creates a spiral of self-propagating self-consciousness. Perhaps not solipsism is our only recourse but maybe it’s more like Hume\'s approach that we can only identify the world through our own senses, ergo, your blind friend wouldn\'t give a fuck what CDs you casually leave laying about in your car. Does that Sufjan disc therefore no longer have value (you\'re not going to listen to it because, let\'s be serious, it\'s not that good). Perhaps what this Barry Schwartz has unknowingly stumbled upon is not the perils of the ipod in a \"look at my pretension\" world but rather the liberation of it, the need to no longer parade your musical tastes like a carmen miranda hat with the luscious fruit of unreleased Bonne Prince Billy b-sides sticking out. Maybe the democratization of the mp3, the free flow of music for all, taps us into our true musical tastes, not our desire to get our scenester cards punched. That said, someone please buy me an ipod. I still think, however, that he\'s grossly mischaracterizing solipsism.