Movie Review

By: Ron Mashate

Posted 02/22/2006 - 09:12:57 AM by jhitting:
 The Fugitive was fucking awesome, you goddamn neophyte.
Posted 02/22/2006 - 12:18:52 PM by venezuelan1:
 The Fugitive was very good. But all of that aside, thank you for writing a great review. The last line, I believe, rings incredibly true. Your prose is short, sweet and to the point, and I thank you infinitely for that.
Posted 02/22/2006 - 02:26:28 PM by gM.Ed.:
 Great review. I like that you focused on HF. I can't remember another movie that was this painful to sit through, it was just saturated with carelessness. One of the worst theater experiences i've ever had. Why did i stay to the end?! It was like rubbernecking a mile long train wreck.
Posted 02/22/2006 - 06:47:18 PM by Cagney:
 I agree, great review Mr Mashate, very astute. There's something very sad about watching the man we all wanted to be growing up slowly flushing himself down the toilet. Never mind though, there's always Indy 4 to look forward to! Right? Right? Hello?
Posted 02/22/2006 - 09:27:14 PM by nothingleft:
 Look, to this child of the 80s, Han Solo and Indiana Jones (not Indian, Mr. Reviewer) were undeniable badasses. And to millions of us sci-fi geeks, Blade Runner still holds up as future-noirish cool -- but that's more due to Ridley Scott than to HF. So he inhabited two choice roles..that's no promise of future sustained greatness. He could have taken the Traffic role, but HF's always been more mainstream than we want to admit. His latest movies would be just as garbage if another actor had been cast -- he just makes boring choices.
Posted 02/22/2006 - 09:29:08 PM by nothingleft:
 ...and please please let Spielberg come to his senses and cancel Indy 4...
Posted 02/24/2006 - 09:54:48 AM by andrewi31:
 The Fugitive was way overrated, "passable" is quite appropriate.