On Second Thought
Wham! - Music from the Edge of Heaven

By: Thomas Inskeep

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Posted 12/06/2005 - 08:04:33 AM by hutlock:
 Very brave indeed, Thomas. "Battlestations" is a killer track, seriously worthy of being dropped into adventurous DJ sets. It mixes well!
Posted 12/06/2005 - 11:16:02 AM by JessGraves:
 i'm totally going to amazon to buy this used right now
Posted 12/06/2005 - 01:56:12 PM by wmdavidson:
 *N Sync's last album was "Celebrity." "Pop" was the single. Just sayin'.
Posted 12/06/2005 - 04:25:51 PM by hutlock:
 Jess (and others): the UK and US versions vary wildly, just as a heads up. The UK album was called The Final for one thing...