The The: Dogs of Lust

By: Brad Shoup

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Posted 11/02/2005 - 03:53:01 PM by EARFARM:
 Excellent, this article inspired me to post about Dusk on my blog as an overlooked album of the 90's. Read about it:
Posted 11/02/2005 - 10:15:31 PM by gloden:
 Agreed. Dusk is the best thing Johnson has ever done. Some of its success can be attributed to Marr, but I think it's the man's personality that shines the brightest. Dogs of Lust is a high-point for sure, but even the less immediate tracks have barrels of hooks on which to dangle on every repeat listen. Actually, come to think of it, it's one of the rare albums that if I start it, I HAVE to finish it.