Les Savy Fav

By: Sam Bloch

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Posted 07/29/2005 - 08:46:57 AM by jmaxwell:
 hilarious...I'm going to be laughing about the brave retarded bass player all day.
Posted 07/30/2005 - 12:29:54 AM by MonsterKids:
 Thanks, Sam! It has been too long since I've read an interview that made me think, "Wow, whoever's asking the questions here is completely clueless about the interviewee(s)." Seriously, "Meet Me in the Dollar Bin" signifies LSF's attempt to hop on the discopunk gravy train and "cash in"? Sam, did you listen to "Hold on to Your Genre," the track RIGHT AFTER "Dollar Bin" on the "Inches" record? A song that basically acts as a confrontational toss off to much of the then-thriving Brooklyn neo-garage and, haha, electroclash scenes doesn't exactly seem to be commercially driven. Tim and Syd were pretty funny dissing Coldplay and The Bravery (they're so discopunk, just like Les Savy Fav!), but their sarcasm drifting apparently more than a few inches over your scalp also kinda made you look like a semi-clueless sap and gave the piece a more amateurish tone that it deserved, I think. Sorry for this rather long-winded ball-busting, (and I did quite enjoy how the band opened up about what they like and dislike), but I just can't get behind how lazily researched and uninformed this article seemed at some critical points.
Posted 08/01/2005 - 02:40:59 AM by hibeside:
 easy, monster...he's just asking questions that have been tossed around about the band's latest efforts to see how they'll respond. A possible perspective about them have perhaps given Les Savy Fav a persona they don't necessarily deserve. He's asking general questions and giving them a chance to speak. It's actually good he asked the question, allowing a forum for them to openly dispel the prior concern of other reviewers. Besides, he's an interviewer, not a fanboy. He can't well enough show up and say (I am about to alienate you, monster, be prepared)..."Dude, I heard this asshole once say you're trying to cash in on x and y song. Say it ain't so, savior of music, say it ain't so. I love you, especially when you wear that robe. It's the coolest man...'member that time when you were like playing that guitar and you stared at the audience and I was like rockin out and you like half closed one of your eyes and I was like awesome man he's winking at me and you were all, shred man, rock like a cock? I mean you mouthed the words to me man like I was born to hear them man, my intestines were like raging, man, and I think I might have passed out...but...whatever...well, that was awesome..." Don't mistake the two positions.