Movie Review
High Tension

By: Jen Cameron

Posted 06/17/2005 - 12:35:10 PM by unblinking:
 so i saw a pirated copy of this on my computer screen. i agree more or less completely with you. except the mysogonist tag on Carpenter. as far as i can tell, he's just another overrated hack horror director who traded on his one success for a string of idiotic, wannabe blockbuster movies. High Tension comes close in spirit and mood, but does some things wrong. one thing you didn't mention is the fact that the killer talks. and any good horror fan knows - when the killer talks, he ceases to be frightening. i think the last solid horror film was Jacob's Ladder back in 1990. and i guess one could call that a post-war drama. Blair Witch was refreshing, i guess, but it's, in the end, just a gimmick that's far from rewatchable. with the body count rising in Iraq it may be a bad time to ask for a horror renaissance (which may explain why US ratings system has become so prudish) but we sorely need one just the same.
Posted 06/17/2005 - 05:23:24 PM by jmaxwell:
 interesting that you mention the US body count in Iraq, since the big renaissance of horror movies in the 70's was in part a reaction to the Vietnam War, and the sort of troubled uncertain state of mind that put people in. I gotta disagree with you about John Carpenter though, his more recent movies haven't been so good, but in the 80's, he was pretty unstoppable when it came to making entertaining horror / action movies.