Shine On: A Guided Tour to Creation Records First 50 Singles

By: Todd Hutlock

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Posted 03/07/2005 - 01:41:25 PM by mbloodyv:
 When I was a freshman in college I bought "Isn't Anything" at Platter Puss Records in Cleveland. The owner told me, "Don't let that Creation stuff die, man." I felt like he was passing something onto me, some sort of Masonic code. Then he went out of business. Sad. Good stuff though Hutlock.
Posted 03/07/2005 - 09:56:07 PM by IanMathers:
 Someday, Hutlock, I'll find a way to lend you that book on Creation.
Posted 03/08/2005 - 07:20:23 AM by thesprout:
 Isn't Jerry Thackray (of The Legend! fame), none other than Everett True (of omniscient[ish] musical journalism fame)?
Posted 03/08/2005 - 08:24:02 AM by hutlock:
 I am 90% sure he is one and the same, but I couldn't confirm so I left it out.
Posted 03/08/2005 - 11:54:53 AM by NickSouthall:
 Make that 100%, Hutlock. He is. ILM is useful for some things...
Posted 03/08/2005 - 11:59:43 AM by hutlock:
 Well, he still made some awfully crap records... and now thanks to our wonderful Stylus community, everyone knows the real facts! (I am unwilling to give credit to ILM if I don't have to!)
Posted 03/09/2005 - 11:45:02 AM by thesprout:
 I've never worked out if Everett True was a decent musical commentator or just a very precious one. I think I met him once in the Cavern in Exeter, though he looked too young to be the man himself. Perhaps he moisturises. He also has his very tactile magazines printed on nice paper, though, again, I'm undecided on them. I'll stop being tangential now, and let the thread return to Creativity.
Posted 03/10/2005 - 05:20:00 AM by marwood:
 After the Moodists, Dave Graney formed The Coral Snakes and has had a very successful time of it in Australia. Some time in the 1990s he became the King Of Pop, and had a run of hits. Night of The Wolverine is a favourite cd. He has a certain sartorial elegance matched by the style of music sort of lounge & Jimmy Webb type country. Well, pop. Tongue never too far from cheek (oo err)
Posted 03/10/2005 - 09:36:56 AM by hutlock:
 Thanks for the info, marwood!
Posted 03/11/2005 - 09:24:15 AM by hutlock:
 Sorry, readers -- a minor clarification: In the Clive Langer blurb, I mention that it is a shame that he didn't make more music. Please be aware that he made quite a bit more as Clive Langer & The Boxes -- I meant that he never made more for Creation is all. So all you Clanger fans can spare me your angry letters!
Posted 03/25/2005 - 05:37:21 AM by josephbinkley:
 Emily are still working and recording in Wales and Italy. After creation we recorded Stumble (EP)andthe albums Rub al Khali, Beyond the Barn, The Attic Sessions. Emily are Oliver Jackson (voice and guitar;Nick Jaques percussion;Gian Binelli Sax and any old bass player we can find) More info from me at All recordings are available in cd. format.......cheers Gian. More info is available on the Tweenet website. We are awaiting a US release of new material on the bus stop label called History Rhymes (also available from myself).......cheers Gian
Posted 11/06/2007 - 06:27:27 PM by wilfsdad1965:
 The Pastels went to Glass records after Creation for 'Truck Train Tractor' and 'Up for a bit', followed by Chapter 22 for 'Sitting Pretty'. The Moodists had been around for a while before signing to Creation they released a couple of LP's on Red Flame, one of which is called 'engine shudder' an Ink subsiduary. The Bodines signed a mjor deal with Magnet and re-recorded most of their Creation output for their debut LP and dissapeared like a stone. Meat Whiplash did a Peel session even better than the single. Emily had released 'reflect on rye' and 'the old stone bridge' on 2 or 3 flexi discs before their creation ep. And Everett True is indeed, a wanker.