On Second Thought
Hole - Live Through This

By: Bjorn Randolph

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Posted 01/18/2005 - 07:26:37 AM by Sotoalf:
 Wrong, wrong, wrong. One of my all-time favorites, which I heard only last week (twice!). The second half IS as good or better than the first: "Gutless," "She Walks On Me," "Rock Star." The screams are okee-dokee. But, hey, the piece was still hilarious, and I laughed out loud at the sheer outrageousness of it all. This surely is what this feature should do, no? Applause.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 05:16:02 PM by pagan_poet:
 ****snoring loudly****
Posted 01/19/2005 - 12:11:20 PM by GlassAnimalBoy:
 Sorry, but you are really off base here. Sure, I'm not totally positive that Ms. Love didn't kill her husband as part of a publicity campaign for this record, and I am not going to act like she has made a worthwhile album since. However, Live Through This was overflowing with attitude, hooks, melody - everything that a rock record needs to really stand out among oceans of crappy music. Speaking of which, get a load of these lyrics I heard the other day on the radio: "I can't get no satisfaction/I can't get no satisfaction/I can't get no satisfaction/But I try/And I try/And I try/And I try..." Blah blah blah. And THIS was a single? A HIT? Have mercy.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 04:28:27 PM by scottw:
 Good call glassanimalboy; rocknroll has been getting by on vapidness and attitude since the beginning (and we nerds (speaking only of myself) who frequent such forums as this wouldn't have it any other way). Don't hate her because she's as lyrically mediocre as many others; hate her because her music is boring, she can't sing at all, and she's the most obnoxious person currently living. Those are all valid reasons to hate courtney love (or at least they work for me).
Posted 01/28/2005 - 11:26:06 PM by mvdu76:
 Geez, Stylus is becoming worse and worse in my opinion - and this off-base articlde doesn't help things. LTT gets even better with time.
Posted 09/21/2006 - 08:12:31 AM by EK5432:
 Bravo, Bjorn. If there was anyone who managed to obtain overflowing critical praise and commercial success through as little talent as humanly possible, it's Courtney Love. This is no masterpiece from the shattered spirit of a widow; hell, Bush could write better songs. Oh, and mentioning that "Satisfaction" sucks lyrically probably won't offend anyone under the age of 45, since most of us know that the song blows mightily.