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The Top 40 Worst Albums of 2004

By: Stylus Staff

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Posted 12/24/2004 - 12:52:02 AM by IanMathers:
Posted 12/24/2004 - 03:05:43 AM by ColinCooper:
 Stylus Magazine wishes all it's favourite albums of 2004 a merry Christmas.
Posted 12/24/2004 - 02:19:54 PM by Liarbythefire:
 Awesome....the description for The Necks was what I thought for John Frusciante's album. Here's a few more for some of the other better records this year. Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News: Broke guy whining about the same shit finally makes the same album again, but makes a lot of $$$. Brian Wilson - SMILE: Old guy finally writes that damn album every fanatic wanted and it sucks cock. TV on the Radio - Desparate Youth...: Who cares if you can't sing, you're from New York! Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography: As if ONE Courtney Love wasn't enough. Sondre Lerche - Two Way Monologue: More Beatles knock-offs for those not having enough of them. This is fun!
Posted 12/24/2004 - 04:51:37 PM by scoopsnoodle:
 So, you don't like nonsensical gay rap? Or you do? Are you being sarcastic? It's so hard to tell with you sometimes. I mean, I'd never really heard of it before, but who wouldn't like nonsensical gay rap? It sounds rad. What a great idea. Definitely the idea of the year. 1 - Nonsensical gay rap!!!!
Posted 12/27/2004 - 03:25:00 AM by proffokker:
 You've had zingier. Honestly, gay jokes?
Posted 12/27/2004 - 01:18:25 PM by mtwill:
 TMT, speaking truth to Indie Power! The best list I've seen this year. Right on all counts, except a bit too hard on Arcade Fire (but point well taken), Nick Cave and completely wrong on Bark Psychosis. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the Fiery Furnaces, the great hoax of 2004, at number 1--can we now all start admitting what a truly ridiculous piece of shit that is? Full critical amnesty for the repentant.
Posted 12/27/2004 - 01:23:43 PM by mtwill:
 Just read your best of list and now I see this is a joke. Tragic. Truly, tragic.
Posted 12/28/2004 - 04:49:03 PM by busabus:
 that is the absolute best description of Junior Boys I have ever read: the Postal Service for people too hip to be hipsters. Joe Panzner and Todd Burns once almost shed single tears when I told them that I thought Jr. Boys sounded like a soundtrack for shopping at the Gap. Now I know why. (wink wink)
Posted 01/04/2005 - 09:50:09 AM by infinite_delay:
 Wow. I've been searching most of my adult life for a word or phrase or series of pithy, intelligent vindictives to most thoroughly display my ire. Who knew I'd find one, simple word on the Stylus website for all the humorous hatred pent up in my heart. Simply call things 'gay'! It's perfect! No more time wasted with actual thought for me! Thanks Stylus!
Posted 01/13/2005 - 03:59:57 PM by poopypoop:
 oh, snap! seriously, you guys are so gay. hating is cool, especially hating hipsters when you are one! oh! very clever- take the albums that people like a lot and have been hyped all year and say that you hate them and make fun of them. really witty stuff. I wonder what would have been on your list in 1977- the clash, the sex pistols. how about 91. something tells me my bloody valentine would be "a bunch of british gaylords make noise for little girls" and nirvana is "a bunch of jerks scream a lot...how original!" and, by the way, I'll let you pussyfags have anal sex with me if you personally tell ghostface that you think he's gay. I actually know him a little, so just give me your address and I'll have him contact you personally. fucking pussy faggots!
Posted 01/19/2005 - 06:09:14 AM by NickSouthall:
 If people paid attention they'd notice that this list is EXACTLY THE SAME as the Favourite Albums of 2004 list...
Posted 03/19/2006 - 12:30:31 PM by BeingaBunny:
 guess that proves how shitty both lists are then