Morgan Geist: The Stylus Interview Series

By: Richard Juzwiak

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Posted 11/23/2004 - 09:22:39 AM by hutlock:
 Nice interview... Morgan, you don't seem like you've changed a bit and that is a very very good thing in my eyes. If you happen to read this, drop me a line and we can catch up -- it's been a long while. Curious factoid: Somehow, there is a rumor around Cleveland that you and I used to live together, and I swear to God I never started it. Anyway, hope you're well -- take care.
Posted 11/26/2004 - 05:37:54 PM by shakir:
 mr. geist, after reading your interview, i wish i still had my sp12. i do miss its dirtyness somedays. shake shakir
Posted 11/30/2004 - 04:29:37 AM by long00:
 "record shops are just sad, you know, collections of broken dreams". There's a section of the documentary "Scratch" where Josh Davis (DJ Shadow) expresses the same thing. That might be where Morgan Geist heard it.