The Greatest Misses: Stylus Reexamines

By: Stylus Staff

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Posted 11/02/2004 - 07:48:19 AM by carmela:
 finally, mass romantic's honor has been restored
Posted 11/02/2004 - 11:19:52 AM by foolsgold13:
 finally, mclusky given some justice! though the new one also deserves at least an 8 as well. you should be ashamed, seamus and falco vs. the young canoeist are two of the most brutal and ass-kicking songs of the year
Posted 11/02/2004 - 01:32:06 PM by Vernie:
 I had wondered about that Cons score at the time. A stunning album, although I still don't know if it stacks up to the debut. Nevertheless, I figured as a fellow Guelph resident, you would give them the benefit of the doubt. Nice recovery, anyways.
Posted 11/02/2004 - 03:55:30 PM by Derek_Miller:
 Nice to see Wilco receiving its just mediocre dues. I don't think the album will even feature in my top 50 for the year.
Posted 11/02/2004 - 04:16:16 PM by jllyldstnchls:
 that wilco re-review is bogus. the only thing it has right is that "im a wheel" is the worst song on the album. but that doesnt mean its bad, just bad compared to the rest of the songs. stylus' first review was right on. i like to see bands get better and not just remake previous albums and that's exactly what wilco has done with AGiB.
Posted 11/02/2004 - 05:52:19 PM by jimhart3000:
 Does the whole Ashlee Simpson SNL thing have any effect on your positive reappraisal of the album?
Posted 11/03/2004 - 12:21:22 AM by IanMathers:
 I don't believe in altering stuff I've already got out there, but if I did that Cons review would be the first thing. Vernie, does your comment mean you're in G-Town too? I love the first album (I've got it in the original cardboard packaging, not a jewel case!), but I prefer "Shine A Light" now.
Posted 11/03/2004 - 08:48:24 AM by NickSouthall:
 None of Abbey Road, Pink Moon, or VU's self-titled are worth 10.
Posted 11/03/2004 - 10:48:46 AM by Vernie:
 Ian, I spent the last 5 years at the UofG, so I probably saw a bunch of the same shows you did. Really enjoyed the album reviews in the Ontarion, and I'm glad to see it carried on with Stylus. Also, if the Velvet's debut isn't worth 10, then I don't know what is.
Posted 11/03/2004 - 08:27:13 PM by IanMathers:
 Hey, thanks! Weird to run into someone who reads the Ontarion online, but I'm glad you liked my stuff there.
Posted 11/03/2004 - 09:45:10 PM by KidEunuch:
 Thank God somebody rescued Mass Romantic from the label of mediocrity. If the album truly was average, an album like A Ghost is Born would have to be filed under "shit".
Posted 11/06/2004 - 03:22:43 PM by ColinCooper:
 I'm tired of all the hating on the Wilco record. It's the incredibly cynical (and, a few months after release - right on queue) critically-lauded band backlash. Again. The Wilco album is mighty fine - yes - it's heavily influenced by Young and yes those 10 minutes of noise are fairly pointless. But these aren't reasons why it's a terrible album, they're reasons why it's my No. 2 record of the year, not No. 1.
Posted 03/09/2007 - 03:17:20 PM by garlad1:
 Shades of Blue = Yes. Madvillainy = who is this album for? There are some great songs, but overall it reminds me of something Zappa or Rundgren would do. Too self interested to be anything less than eclectic.