I Love 1997

By: Stylus Staff

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Posted 10/12/2004 - 02:20:18 PM by noixe01:
 I kind of look like a jackass saying what I said about Puffy up there. just so everyone knows, my entire quote was this: "I don't think white people really understood what a big deal it was when Big got clapped. I remember all the black people in my high school just bawling, and all us white kids just being confused and not really knowing what to do. It was also really hard for us to understand why he was getting away with that "Every Step I Take" shit, which really was the biggest crock off shit I'd ever heard when it dropped. Knowing what I know now (as a late rap fan), I'm realizing how insensitive it is to call that song a crock of shit. Sorry, Puff. And Faith. Sorry Faith." just so people know. I'm not a jerk.
Posted 10/12/2004 - 04:14:38 PM by MyNameIsKenny:
 That actually makes you look more like a jerk.
Posted 10/13/2004 - 11:42:27 AM by badhaircut:
 Back in high school, one of my friends was a volunteer firefighter and got to work standby at the shoot for Puffy's "Missing You" video. I guess when Puffy fell off that motorcycle (a planned stunt, of course), it was a bit more painful than he'd originally anticipated, but instead of accepting the medical attention of the community medics, he just kinda sloughed off cursing and acting all pissy about it. This is second-hand, eight year-old information. Take it for what you will.
Posted 04/10/2005 - 11:22:35 PM by peckdude:
 I never got Championship Manager. It was WAY too slow for me. I was a Football Fanatic guy. It's probably the game I've logged the most hours on, aside from Civilization II. Save Ferris were the best. "The World Is New" is such an awesome, energetic song. And you couldn't find a picture of Puff Daddy that doesn't look like an underwear ad?