Movie Review

By: Sam Bloch

Posted 10/21/2004 - 08:42:24 PM by malorie:
 A few hours after seeing Dig! in theatres, I found myself confused about what the movie was presenting as solid fact. I’ve been following the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s career since the 90’s, and I knew something wasn’t right with the way the movie was sequenced. I found huge gaps missing, years in fact, at the end of the movie when it came to the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The film ends with Anton Newcombe in a downward spiral, doped up, all alone, and kicking a man in the head for heckling him at his first solo show after the demise of the BJM, in 1997. The way it ended for the Dandy Warhols was showing the band recording Welcome To The Monkey House, and being really happy in 2003, whenever that record came out. Then the film shows the only piece of footage of Anton Newcombe that was recorded after 1997 for the film, which you mention. It seems that narrator Courtney Taylor, and filmmaker Ondi forget to mention that Anton got BJM back together with new members, has been releasing new records, and the fact that he’s been off heroin for about 6 years now. Instead, they opt for a more drama filled pro-Dandy’s approach that shows Anton Newcombe at his lowest point, and the Dandy’s at their highest. I really liked this movie, but feel sorry for the people who fall into the trap that the film lays out.