Brian Eno and the Ambient Series

By: Matthew Weiner

Posted 09/27/2004 - 04:27:57 PM by florenz6:
 It is a brilliant idea to pay attention to one of the great wizards of pop magic since the early 70s. And it may encourage some readers to look for those old records, the song albums as well as the ambient stuff, because - and that´s one of the best things you can say about art - they still have the same power and impact they had in their times. None of theses works tend to boredom, even after listening to them for a half life time. And Brian Eno never repeated a certain formula of sound, he always discovered new areas of stillness/ tranquility/ strangeness/ yearning darkness/falling apart. When I visited Brian Eno in his London studio some weeks ago,I had the oppportunity to listen to some of his new songs: ethereal melodies that sink under your skin (if this picture makes sense; I´m a German); a strange romanticism, free of any cliche, fine lyrics, subtle atmospherics. The story goes on!
Posted 09/28/2004 - 12:12:03 AM by huntedbyafreak:
 Well, this will be something to look foward to this week. Eno is the only artist that occasionally will cause my wife of fifteen years to poke her into the music room and go, "wow, that's beautiful" (Discreet, An Ending, Deep Blue Day). She even picked up on An Ending (Ascent) in the film "Traffic". I only mention this as she hates most of the other stuff I listen to. How can someone hate Can's Future Days btw ? Really though albums like Another Green World, Discreet Music, Before And After...and collaborative efforts like My Life..., The Pearl and Low are freakin timeless. I've turned people on to Another Green World and they thought it was recorded last year! I really love Eno's music and even told my wife to spin up The Spider and I when my time comes.