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By: US Stylus Staff

Posted 08/20/2004 - 10:29:54 AM by IanMathers:
 Seriously though, am I crazy or does the beginning of "Take Your Mama Out" sound a bit like Screamadelica to anyone else?
Posted 08/20/2004 - 10:44:39 AM by MyNameIsKenny:
 This is going to sound kinda weird, but I just don't think the Scissor Sisters are GAY enough. Now The B-52's, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, THOSE are gay bands.
Posted 08/20/2004 - 11:19:50 AM by scottpl:
 "take your mama" reminds me a bit of both primal scream and "freedom '90".
Posted 08/20/2004 - 12:43:10 PM by AUnterberger:
 "Freedom '90" makes more sense to me than Primal Scream.
Posted 08/20/2004 - 09:40:08 PM by J.Timmermann:
 All I'll say is that had I participated this week (I was busy with stuff, it slipped my mind), the Scissor Sisters average would've definitely been lower...
Posted 08/23/2004 - 12:03:10 AM by IanMathers:
 The Green Day single makes a lot more sense to me now that I've both heard it at the local Punk Night while drunk (in it's proper place) and seen the video on MuchMusic (compared it to the competition). It's a 7, easy.
Posted 08/23/2004 - 04:14:20 AM by bj_randolph:
 RE: 213's lineup; Seriously, was Domino really that busy? And where's Dat N---- Daz? Kurupt, anyone? Lady of Rage, for pete's sake? Do any of these luminaries turn up on the record?