On Second Thought
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

By: Colin Cooper

Posted 06/30/2004 - 05:18:38 PM by hutlock:
 Isn't it "you should hear me play pianner"? That slanted rhyme is what makes it so funny to me... One other thing: I don't know how old you are, but at the time when this album was out, the Smiths were indeed "on the fringes" as you put it, but they were also in the charts on both sides of the pond and selling pretty well -- not Prince/Madonna well, but for a band on Rough Trade, pretty well. In fact, it was a major coup when the previous album, Meat Is Murder went into the charts at number one upon release because people weren't sure if Rough Trade were even capable of printing enough copies to get it there! The gulf between indies and majors was much greater in the UK back then, and was ocean-sized over here (though they were on Sire here and so distributed by mighty Warners). The subsequent US tour in summer 86 was very well attended (the show I attended totally sold out a pretty decent size concert hall, not a club). So basically, I don't think the Smiths were as unpopular as you make them out to be... again, they weren't on the cover of Rolling Stone, but they weren't exactly Merzbow either. Great piece, though -- I liked your analysis quite a bit.