A Kiss After Supper
The Royal Tenenbaums

By: Derek Miller

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Posted 05/25/2004 - 09:02:48 AM by theokcomputer:
 Ha, Eli Clash. Nice idea for a recurring column
Posted 05/25/2004 - 01:01:44 PM by funkyworm:
 Eli CASH. the character's name is Eli Cash, I'm sorry to tell you, although your Clash theme is interesting without that. Still, you missed a few opportunities—the oddness of the foreign visitors Eli has as "Rock the Casbah" (hilariously) plays, the drop-dead beauty of the moment Nico's "These Days" plays as Margot and Richie meet for the first time in years, in slow-motion...actually, there might be a Nico theme too, considering the choice of the (almost identical) "The Fairest of the Seasons." Still, good pick to start this column.
Posted 05/25/2004 - 01:20:35 PM by Derek_Miller:
 That was a misprint. I must have overlooked it since 'Clash' is in the same paragraph so many times. Thanks for catching it. The others were left out because the column was starting to get a bit long for what we're trying (the Nico scene you mentioned was the last to get dropped). . .
Posted 05/25/2004 - 02:38:52 PM by :
 the above mentioned factual error has been corrected. thanks for bringing to my attention.
Posted 05/27/2004 - 08:13:38 AM by dannyboy:
 theres also the bit where the orchestral version of Hey Jude takes off just as the kestrel also takes off and you realise the whole opening sequence has been leading up to this one shot of a bird fyling free across the roof tops... also that song as well and me an julio isnt on the soundtrack...boy did they ever shoot themselves in the foot.
Posted 05/27/2004 - 12:32:36 PM by olavbjortomt:
 My favourite song-bits are Nico's These Days (the bus, the approach, the Bjorn Borg get-up) and Sheena is a Punk Rocker. Coincidentally these all feature Gwyneth Paltrow. BUT, BUT, the greatest thing in the whole movie are probably the massive paintings in Eli's apartment (the ones with the freaky bare-chested boys on the bikes and the wrestling?). Who did them? Whichever fucked-up genius did this hypnotic shit of the highest order deserves a major retrospective.
Posted 05/28/2004 - 06:12:34 PM by holystoning:
 Olav - I don't remember what the name of the artist is, but he's credited (and his artwork featured) on the Criterion edition of The Royal Tenenbaums.
Posted 02/22/2005 - 09:11:06 PM by montserrat:
 the artist's name is miguel calderon. dam good movie.
Posted 11/23/2006 - 09:12:09 PM by bassman08:
 I think that's Judy is a Punk you're thinking of.