Staff Top 10
Top Ten Songs of the Moment

0. Interpol- PDA

A strong enough song to make me buy the record. Too bad nothing else was as good as this one.

09. Neko Case- Deep Red Bells

Colleen was right. This is one of the finest records of the year, and this is probably the best song on there.

08. The Smiths- This Charming Man

I fell in love with the Smiths over the past year. Is there any other way that you can get into this band besides instant infatuation?

07. Dalek- Speak Bolumes

The second half of this song. So good.

06. Christina Aguilera- Dirrrty

I feel so dirty listening to this song.

05. City of Caterpillar- Maybe They’ll Grow Right Through

Side project from members of Pg. 99 are in this band. It’s less screaming and more melodicism. I love it.

04. A Certain Ratio- Do the Du

Absolutely infectious post punk number.

03. Namelessnumberheadman- An Unproven Theorem

One of the top indie albums to come out this year. Sure, it’s been a slow year, but this is good.

02. Milemarker- Lost the Thoughts But Kept the Skin

The song goes on for a bit longer than need be. But the build up is worth it.

01. Slowdive- Dagger

If I have to explain it you’ll never know.

By: Todd Burns
Published on: 2002-10-07
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