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0. I Love Music Forum

The best message board regarding music on the internet. There's something for everyone.

09. The War Against Silence

He almost made me buy Jewel's most recent album. Almost.

08. Che

Sometimes his words are poignant, sometimes they don't make sense, but I always keep coming back.

07. The Church of Me

Marcello Carlin is one of the most affecting writers on music that I've read. This is his blog.

06. CTheory

Interesting articles about theory, politics, and music abound here.

05. Hip Hop News

This is where I go to find out about all the latest feuds and upcoming releases.

04. Library of Congress- Images

A great source for images.

03. Central Red

She is probably the most beautiful person I've never met.

02. Rock Critics

The best resource for rock critics. It features interviews with notable critics, as well as various features.

01. DJ Martian

One stop independent music news source. If this was a magazine, I'd buy it every week. Thank god it's free.

By: Todd Burns
Published on: 2002-09-30
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