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The Top 40 Worst Albums of 2004

but honestly, what's a list of favorite albums without a list of your least favorite? When it comes down to it, in fact, it's a lot more fun to hate...

See Ghostface.

New keyboard presets needed asap kthxbye.

As if getting back together and touring wasn’t enough…

Your genre of choice is a dead end. Discuss.

Shouting punkers who hate work and social convention. Original!

Chav pop by thugs from council estates. Classy.

It’s 2004.

Wants so desperately to be Daft Punk.

More honking lo-fi indie shit, only this time it’s clever as well as badly sung.

Noise is teh gay.

So, you’re really not good enough to have an album of your own, are you?

Australian indie, as if America and England didn’t make it bad enough already.

Token female makes proper microhouse album, covers “Maps” in case the gimmick isn’t enough.

Mash-ups! Hooray! Cos they were funny in 2002, weren’t they!

Oh for fuck’s sake they’re called “Panda Bear”.

Utterly sexless, joyless and repulsive: nudge-nudge dance moves and wink-wink disco riffs, unbearably arch, played by and for people who actually hate dancing, from a band who seem incredibly keen that we note how clever they are.

"Four hypnotic dirges of eerie ambience”. Why would you do this to yourself?

Online bio: “For so long Stina Nordenstam appeared to be running away. Like escape itself became the destination. Her music was homeless because that's what she wanted it to be.”

Folk without the decency to be freaky. Which, you know, just makes it bland.

For fuck’s sake does this ever END?! Does it ever even CHANGE?!

A solo album by the guitarist from RHCP.

Now he’s actually had a hit single, you can stop this pretence of actually liking him, because you’re not proving anything. No, he isn’t the spokesman for a generation, and yes, the way you talk about him is amazingly patronising.

Twats in masks own Beach Boys records and do impressions of farmyard animals; make it STOP.

Playing the harp and having a weird voice don't excuse you from having to write songs that are actually interesting.

And you thought Coldplay had cornered the market in treacle? These guys wrote the book.

Like listening to paint dry.

Yay drugs! Yay 40 year old men still taking drugs!

I see: so he’s a singer/songwriter whose—no, really—lyrics and arrangements have that special something? Next.

Lisping twat with more chips than shoulders. I don’t care about your car crash—you’re a dick.

Kylie for those who own mp3 blogs.

Hokey lo-fi indie shit that sounds like a busker frazzled on acid banging a guitar and chasing his lost dog.

Screeching and thumping that wants you to think it's profound—from an attention starved egotist.

10 years for this Mogwai cast-off? Suckers.

Does it not get REALLY FUCKING BORING for Nick Cave, writing the same album again and again ad nauseam, more and more embarrassing each time? He does write the damn things in a Brighton OFFICE, though, so I guess he has a high tolerance level for boredom, like accountants.

Gay rap—just what we always wanted. And the words make no sense.

I'm so bored of straight men and their problems. Put a tampon on it, please.

The Postal Service for people too hip to be hipsters.

Precocious teenage girl does hip-hop show tunes. I’d rather boil my own head than listen to this.

See Animal Collective. Minus the Beach Boys stuff.

Oh no! What indie shit have the kids voted for this year?

By: Stylus Staff
Published on: 2004-12-24
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