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Everyone Is Like You [CD]
[More Down Than Out, 2005]

More Down Than Out’s slogan is simple: never boring. And what with Morane’s acoustic instrumentation and Markus Nikolai’s glitch effects lending an unpredictability to the proceedings, Everyone Is Like You certainly fits the bill. The essential breakdown of each song is guitar, bass, and drums, but within those four minutes is a multitude of possibilities. Often times horns feature heavily, most notably in the highlight “Do Not Write Me a Lovesong” and the sing-songy “I Do It Best.” What Morane seem to be creating here is a hybrid between pop, IDM, and house and while at times it can get a bit too childish (“We Hate Cars,” “Where’s My Head”), it’s the sort of glee that can be excused as naïve enthusiasm.

Andi Teichmann
Fades [CD]
[Festplatten, 2005]

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to which indie rock bands Andi Teichmann was listening to while composing his debut album? Fades is a rather pleasant outing from Teichmann and it’s also an attempt to bridge the gap between indie rock and techno. Like a lot of producers making techno today, Teichmann started his career in a punk band as a teenager. “They Don’t Care” is the first song on the record to make the combination explicit, pitting a wildly oscillating bass line against an acoustic guitar and vocals. But while the two songs that sound like a house Death Cab end up working nicely, it’s the songs that combine the compositional ideas behind rock without resorting to the use of the instruments that work the best: “Alias,” “Nicoff,” and “Aether” all shine on an album filled with moderate highlights, but nothing exceptional.

Golden Red
Hotel Mandatory [12”]
[Soundslike, 2005]

Sub Static’s fiftieth release comes in a special golden sleeve, a change from their usual gray. The label couldn’t find a more appropriate act to bring in the anniversary than rising star Golden Red, whose Sub Static output has been utterly solid thus far. Things don’t change here: “Water Damage” is a smoldering track, merging a healthy dose of techno to an acidic bassline. It’s “Mildews” that stars here, though. That track slithers along, eventually coming out the other side of its initial debt to classic Detroit wearing Plastikman’s clothes. Not a bad celebration…

Various Artists
The Appliance of Science, Volume 1 [12”]
[Unlocked Groove, 2005]

Considering it’s the debut track of the Unlocked Groove label, Rainbow Bright’s “The Rollah” is the type of thing that makes you sigh in the knowledge that you just might have to buy everything they put out. And while the rest of the debut 12” doesn’t quite reach the heights of this minimal “Bolero,” you can rest assured that the restless dedication to melodicism might just herald a new great American house label. We’ll see.

Vincenzo / Serafin
Scope / Starship Discothèque [12”]
[Liebe Detail, 2005]

New-ish label Liebe Detail has paired up like-minded artists for each of their 12”’s and on this, their 7th, they bring together the talents of Dessous mainstay Vincenzo and Cadenza co label-head Serafin. Each of those descriptors goes towards describing exactly what their side of the wax sounds like: Vincenzo’s side leans towards an even-building acid-house, while Serafin works inside the wispy confines of the cavernous house music made by co-conspirators Luciano and Pier Bucci. While this particular release isn’t that much to shout about, the label does bear mentioning in this column: its 2005 catalogue has been excellent.

By: Todd Burns
Published on: 2005-11-10
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