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the most propulsive and irresistible single to reach the top of the charts in the UK in 2002 had already been around for years- in parts. Richard X’s re-working of Adina Howard’s funky 1995 song 'Freak Like Me' onto the synthesiser line from the Tubeway Army song ‘Are 'Friends' Electric?’ and the combined vocal stylings of the British pop group the Sugababes put “Freak Like Me” onto the top of the charts- the first bootleg (that’s mash-up, not live recording) to attain those heights. While it the vocals of the Sugababes- and the star power- perhaps had a lot to do with the chart status of the song, Richard X’s flawless intermixing of the two and added production flourishes helped make the song both a public and critical darling.

X, however, has been doing this for a few years now, though. On his own Black Melody label he has been releasing 7”’s since 2001. Past this, X mysteriously states that “This is not my first musical project and it will not be my last.” Because of his secretive nature, however, little other information is available at this time.

What information is available, though, is that he appears to be a huge Human League fan. After seeing his own “Being Scrubbed” bootleg single (Human League and TLC) cover featured on a Human League fan site, Richard contacted the webmaster and soon the two, through their mutual interest in the band, convinced the band to release recordings the two groups made between 1977 and the moment The Human League signed to Virgin Records in 1979 under the earlier name for the band, The Future, and the Human League. November 2002 saw the release of the disc on the Black Melody label.

Future-wise, X has reworked “Being Boiled” once again for the pop group Liberty X for release in March of 2003 (it's excellent!), has reportedly finished his debut album for the Virgin record label (that’s how you can sample entire songs, kids!), and is working on a single for TLC. The future is bright, as Richard X seems to be the most likely suspect to outlast the bootleg craze and continue to produce innovative and addictive music.

Quick Facts:

Current members: Richard X

Location: England

Style: Mash-ups

Labels Appeared On: Black Melody

Major Releases:

Richard X and Liberty X "Being Nobody"
Sugababes "Freak Like Me"
Fat Truckers "Teenage Daughter"Remix aka The White Single
Girls On Top "Warm Bitch / We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends”
Girls On Top "Being Scrubbed / I Wanna Dance With Numbers"

Starting Point: Girls On Top "Being Scrubbed / I Wanna Dance With Numbers"

Essential: Sugababes "Freak Like Me"

By: Todd Burns
Published on: 2003-09-01
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