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Giardini Di Miro

taking the name of a unsuccesful band that quickly disbanded after recording some tapes for Italian national television, Giardini Di Miro began in 1998 by recording an instrumental version of the original band's song, "Città di Vetro". The mastermind behind the original group was so impressed by the version that he paid for the recording expenses to have the song done in a studio.

After tourng for a while in support of this release, the group began to receive rave reviews in the Italian press. Their brand of post rock that had only been heard in imported forms from England and America and now began to take on a hometown feel to Italian fans. This parlayed into a second recording session in 1999, which yielded the Iceberg EP. A five song EP, the recording features three longer songs sandwiching two experimental sound collage pieces. The EP was a success and the group began to attract a small following in North America, as well. This acclaim drew the interest of the California based Zum label and led to the first American pressing of their work.

After coming off of a successful tour supporting the likes of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Billy Mahonie, Unwound, Ulan Bator, and Karate, the group began to write what became their debut LP, Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting. A much more self assured and confident band at this point, the group turned in their finest collection of songs to date. Despite losing some of the more experimental edge that the group used to nice effect on the EP, the record is a strong collection of post rock influenced songs that take the listener on an emotional journey. Very similar to acts such as Mogwai and Godspeed, the group differs from these influences in certain respects that allows an individual aesthetic to emerge.

In the works, the group plans for a remix LP by well known IDM artists such as Styrofoam, DNTEL, Hermann & Kleine, Opiate (Thomas Knnak), Turner, Nitrada and ISAN. Past this, the group has a recently released two song EP entitled The Soft Touch, which sees the group moving towards more vocal based works, similar to "Pet Life Saver" from Rise and Fall....

Quick Facts:

Current members: Jukka Reverberi, Lorenzo Lanzi, Mirko Venturelli, Luca Di Mira, and Corrado Nuccini.

Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy

Style: Post Rock

Labels Appeared On: Where Are My Records, Bluenoise Records, Homesleep, Pehr, Fiction Friction, Love Boat, Sony (Italy), Gammapop, and Zum

Major Releases:

Iceberg EP (1999, Gammapop and Zum)
Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting LP (2001, Homesleep)
The Soft Touch EP (2002, Homesleep/Sony (Italy))

Essential: Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting LP (2001)

By: Todd Burns
Published on: 2003-09-01
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