messin’ with freaks of your own damn kind

To think I forgot about this song for at least a year. Sleek, hillarious and queasily offensive. Only to be expected from a man who proudly decorates his bedroom with pictures of himself. I’ll rest hereI cannot say anything about this song that it doesn’t already say for itself. And so boldly:

Egyptian Lover - “A Strange Place (The Alezby Inn)”

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I’ve been wanting to post this forever, so…

Today’s Jay-Z discussion gave me a perfect excuse. From the back of the Jaz album Word to the Jaz. Yes, that’s really the title.

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hey, Joanna-

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So, I found this original version of the Houston Architectural Guide with the above image as the cover. It’s tough to read that small and my blog structure doesn’t do so good with huge images, so I broke it in half:

Not sure who was behind this image, but it’s absolutely brilliant, methinks. True to life, and all.

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Playbook 009 - Double Number Maze


01. LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
02. Pet Shop Boys - I Want To Wake Up
03. Talking Heads - Lifetime Piling Up
04. 10CC - Dreadlock Holiday
05. Stevie Wonder - We Can Work It Out
06. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Song That We Sing
07. Lloyd Cole - Traffic
08. Squeeze - Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil
09. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
10. Lush - Hypocrite
11. Pulp - My Erection (Demo)
12. Bobby Davenport - Time (Has Come Today) (Special Disco Mix)
13. Supertramp - The Logical Song
14. Eberhard Schoener Dance Experience - Why Don’t You Answer?
15. The Buggles - Inner City
16. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (12″ Mix)

Download CD Version Here.

Download iTunes Version Here.

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Those Damnable Roller Disco Devils

Peter Shapiro’s Turn the Beat Around is a compelling read, though I would contest some of his casually-fired opinions, especially regarding the more mainstream artists and tunes of the era. But he is to be praised for drawing my attention to the above cartoon, as is Seanbaby for archiving it so nicely.

While the notion of roving gangs of thugs inspired by those two ultraviolent pastimes, roller skating and disco, is highly plausible, what rather shocks me today is the extraordinary lengths the Hulk is willing to go to in order to keep the streets safe and quiet. I mean, he’s rolled up the freaking street and the RDDs with it. Those guys are dead. I’m not saying what he did was wrong, I mean, law and order and good taste and fruit pies need to be preserved, but he could have at least politely asked them stop before crushing their spines.

Another early 80’s artifact mentioned by Shapiro alongside this one, however, I absolutely must own sometime in this life:

“Yowza yowza yowza!”

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Hello, World!

This just makes me like really really happy.

I love you, world. Let’s be friends. I’ll forget about all the shit you did to me back when. I PROMISE.

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For Stacy…


Wherever the hell you are…

I miss you and wish you the best…

Listening to “Hypocrite” about 8,000 times is a rather painful reminder. Drop me a line, dahhhling.

“Don’t even try to hide behind that stupid smile
I know our kind and I know where our loyalties lie”

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Greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Kurt Vonnegut last night, though it should hardly come as a shock. Anyone who has not read his Man Without a Country really ought to. It’s a fitting last testimony from one of the giants of 20th century letters, a tender, touching, embittered (but not truly bitter) and honest reflection on what it means to be alive at this moment in time. KV would no doubt appreciate, if nothing else, that he left before having to endure any more of this rapacious regime.

However, with the death of RAW and now this, I am greatly concerned for the life of Alisdair Gray. Someone please tell him to be careful.

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grafitto of the month

Emblazoned in, I believe, green magic marker on the ceiling support beam about roughly mid-way across the floor at the Rice Village location of Little Woodrows:

“here’s to going swimming
with bow-legged women”

I don’t know what the hell it means, but it makes me proud to be an American, by gum. I’ll try to get a photo next time I’m there.

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