Do Dallas

Too Pure
Reviewed by: Clay Jarvis
Reviewed on: 2003-09-01

Posted 12/25/2004 - 06:54:21 PM by tadetlugnt:
 woaaah, dude, i know this review is old, but aside from the fact the review is flawed in that it attacks mclusky, it is so deeply flawed in that it purports to compare them to be intelligent enough to compare them to the pixies and the jesus lizard and thurston and cohorts(and yes, i don't need the comma - "and" is a perfectly good word. Is it impossible for a music lover to listen to a band's work without comparing it to anothers? of course, i am relatively elitist.I mean, i read pitchfork and i've been known to to delve into the wire at the university library, but i'm sick to death of people saying, weeeeeeelll, didn't the pixies do this better than mclusky. Well, um, yeah, do you remember how much better lightsabre cocksucking blues was on surfer rosa, and oh fuck, how good was the peel session version of to hell with good intentions on pixies at the bbc. it is possible to be a fan of music without having to constantly compare one band to another. of course in the case of some bands(because this fire IS damaged goods) it is necessary, but in the case of the band as bloody in your face as mclusky, it isn't. in ana, frank black/francis had lyrics that spelt out SURFER. mclusky would swear at you and spit on your grave if you did something so fucking pretentious. no offence to the pixies, of course. Mclusky are angry with you and i'm glad they haven't read this bullshit review. it's one thing knowing something about music, it's another going against the grain just for the sake of it and decrying a brilliantly written and excessively catchy album because you're too cool, don't you think? this is an album written by very clever individuals. does that make it bad? i dunno, was lou reed's IQ 83? is he president? no. just because they're smart,their album is not tripe. Beethoven was deaf - as big a handicap as being smart, doesn't mean he sucked ass. these songs are pure pop with a nasty lyrical twist, much like turbonegro - and you know about turbonegro, don't you - you suck if you don't like them. And, clearly, as a music critic, you know what it means when you suck - you don't like good pop music. right, thank you. i don't dislike clay jarvis, i just am inclined towards not thinking this a great review. i don't disagree with some of his other work.
Posted 02/08/2005 - 12:35:15 PM by tadetlugnt:
 always remember, too, to not drink to excess before posting comments on this site.
Posted 12/29/2005 - 06:56:24 PM by deathbywookie:
 Mr Jarvis you are a penis. Everything you said in your review is utter crap. The End.