Gyrate Plus

DFA Records
Reviewed by: Dan Weiss
Reviewed on: 2007-10-22

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Posted 10/22/2007 - 12:56:14 PM by grandbanks:
 I understand the sentiments of "better late than never," but I wish they would disappear. These are just vibrant, fun, and pretty bitching songs that should stay in print whether there is a post- dance- whatever-punk revival or not. This shit sounds even better now than it would have amidst all of the lesser bands mining this shit in 2001. Puts some perspective on the lameness of a Radio 4 or what-have-you. Plus, bands like this have never gone away, just like "punk"-rock will never go away, just the media attention and mass-appeal factor ebbs and wanes. What most bands can't achieve is the ratio of menace and humor that this band manages to generate through sheer will and repetition of the most basic shit. Good shit for sure.
Posted 10/22/2007 - 02:23:41 PM by jmp123:
 Hmm...I fell in love with Pylon in college back in the 90s when it seemed that no one was listening to this shit. A $3.99 cut-out cassette of "Hits" back in the day. Yes, it's funny how things come around and how Mr. Murphy likes to leave his piss in all sorts of musical corners (not always a bad thing, mind you). Yet, I have to agree with grandbanks on this one: Pylon are a great band that deserves to be heard outside of trendy musical rediscoveries. In fact, I'm a bit sad that DFA got to re-release this since if someone else had jumped on it (or if the band had self-released it--as they hinted at back on their site a year or so ago) then we wouldn't even have to bring up the punk-funk specter. Let's just say that no punk-funkers (GoF included) have ever released music as oddly beautiful as "Crazy" and "Altitude".