Richard Flemming
Richard Flemming

Reviewed by: Liz Colville
Reviewed on: 2007-10-10

Posted 10/10/2007 - 06:12:03 PM by rockdude2010:
 This review is the biggest load of crap I've ever read. How can you compare a band that has these sorts of roots in classic rock to a twee pop band whose only thing in common with the group are the handclaps? Emotional tribute to grunge??? I don't hear any significant grunge influences in here at all. This review is elitist, horribly disorganized, horribly biased towards prototypical indie rock, and very painful to read. From reading this review there's no way I can even judge what sort of grade this album should get, simply because the reviewer jumps too much from idea to idea without drawing any meaningful conclusions. On top of that you don't even mention tracks 2-3 and 5 (Winged Child, Fourteen Miles, Heartache in Return), which comprise perhaps the strongest overall stretch on the album. That being said, I do agree with some of the criticisms you offer; the production does, at times, handicap the album, and the content is inconsistent at times. But I think you tried digging too deep, and as a result you got so entangled in what you "found" that you couldn't undo the tangles and tie all the loose ends together. Maybe think about that before using your indie bias to bash a band that doesn't replicate the sound of Oh No! Oh My! to your liking.
Posted 10/10/2007 - 06:42:04 PM by rockdude2010:
 Also, how can you mention "lead vocalist" Hank Whitaker and only talk about one song he even sings in? His vocals, which sound bluesy and raspy, don't even slightly resemble those of Blur, in my opinion. And also, just from listening, "The Witch" has very little to do with Jimi Hendrix. The result of all these unfounded comparisons is pretentious crap that hack critics write.