Elegies to Lessons Learnt

Beggars Banquet
Reviewed by: Peter Parrish
Reviewed on: 2007-10-01

Posted 10/26/2007 - 09:28:37 AM by P_Parrish:
 Addendum: I've exchanged a bit of discussion about this record with a fellow (non-Stylus) reviewer, and it brought up a few interesting things which are probably worth adding. The buzzing/distortion noises I refer to occur around the 4.20 and 7.45 marks in "Spencer," for anyone wanting to investigate those for themselves! "The Deception" suffers from about 3.10 onwards (getting worse from 3.30). The drums at the end of "Remnants of an Army," on further listens, I think are a different issue - not quite as obviously "improperly" distorted. Though these unwanted sounds only last for periods spanning a few seconds (or even less), they spoiled the experience for me. Also, the picture placed in the review was as much about highlighting the lack of dynamic range in the record, which I found unfortunate, as it was for pointing out specific instances of clipping. Too loud, or just right? As ever, it's up to the listener.