The Avett Brothers

Reviewed by: Andrew Casillas
Reviewed on: 2007-07-26

Posted 07/26/2007 - 12:05:04 PM by callheraction:
 Wow. This was totally out of the blue. Thanks.
Posted 07/26/2007 - 04:49:52 PM by cvbcvb:
 Being from North Carolina, it really amazes me that they still seem to reside relatively under the radar in other parts of the country, whereas where I live, a lot of people I know obsess over them. Me, I've only listened to one song from a previous album...maybe I should accept the hype.
Posted 07/26/2007 - 07:53:09 PM by ppohio:
 Echoing what callheraction said, this was out of the blue and sounded so interesting that I picked it up today and it is really fantastic. A beautiful record!
Posted 08/10/2007 - 07:03:58 PM by dougrokakis:
 Thanks so much for this one. Love it.