Aman Iman

World Village
Reviewed by: Mike Powell
Reviewed on: 2007-05-24

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Posted 05/24/2007 - 09:11:29 AM by florenz6:
 A fine review that that doesn´t play with the old- fashioned cliches! And, in a good way, this record sounds like "old-school" Africana:)
Posted 05/24/2007 - 09:31:11 AM by mikepowell:
 admittedly, i'm worried that i'm turning the whole "world music cliches are bad" review into a cliche.
Posted 05/24/2007 - 09:54:52 AM by florenz6:
 I don´t think you´re stepping into that trap. In fact this is "a phenomenally honest album". It´s not even the music I´m normally keen on. But if you feel that kind of honesty east of "we are the real thing-" and "Uncle Tom"-attitudes, east of "Putumayo-good-vibe-grooves", the music will draw you in. And, well, from this point of view, you should give Scott Walker´s "The Drift" a second (third) chance. That music is absolutely honest. And one of the records that have that kind of shock potential you very rarely find in contemporary music.
Posted 05/24/2007 - 01:07:34 PM by HalfNelson:
 I was a big fan of Amassakoul. Anyone know if the Eden Project section of Live Aid is out on DVD? I'm talking about the Orchestra Baobab and Tinariwen performances that didn't make it onto the air in the U.S.