Dan Deacon
Spiderman of the Rings

Reviewed by: Andrew Gaerig
Reviewed on: 2007-05-16

Posted 05/16/2007 - 01:22:00 PM by mikepowell:
 i just want to put my face right through the monitor and eat this whole review up. seriously, this record is dangerous. i made andrew review it because the task would probably make my heart explode.
Posted 05/16/2007 - 02:25:15 PM by grandbanks:
 Got to chime in here as well. While the review touched on it briefly (and rightfully so, since it is a review of the record), I have to stress just how bizarre this guy's live show is. Andy Kaufman isn't exactly the right slant to imply, but the sheer joy I recieve when he (Kaufman) lip-syncs to the Mighty Mouse theme song after sitting there patiently kind of sums it all up nicely. I am not a fan of a lot of the stuff coming out of this scene, but Deacon couldn't be a better figure-head. Think more force of nature than pop(culture)-damaged exploiter or dilettante. The joy is real, and his off-the-cuff live rants and antics are worth cheering for all on their own. Not really my thing, but undeniable. In a way my life would be better if I could fully embrace this, and yours too.
Posted 06/20/2007 - 02:10:05 PM by jhitting:
 This album is good and well made and all the usual praise but not that enjoyable. It's kind of vapid. Maybe I just feel that way because his shows are such events and in Baltimore he's like a demi-God or something. We have weird water here.