“Blue” Gene Tyranny
Out of the Blue

Unseen Worlds
1977; r: 2007
Reviewed by: Mike Powell
Reviewed on: 2007-03-15

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Posted 03/15/2007 - 10:45:40 AM by tmtmtm:
 "(of all the cruel things words have done to explain art, law, and love, the offense is trivial compared to what they do to music)...a goat to the great racehorse"" Seriously? I mean, I understand negative sentiment, but you are a reviewer yourself. Or is this an attempt a "life is suffering" approach to review?
Posted 03/15/2007 - 11:11:11 AM by tmtmtm:
 ... "life is suffering" being a tie in with the eastern practices (yoga, Buddha) referenced.
Posted 03/15/2007 - 11:57:01 AM by mikepowell:
 i see what you're saying...i mean, there is a certain part of me that thinks that words 'can' ruin music, but i was thinking more of sheff's 'artist's statement' side--the whole distinction between 'memory' and 'memoryless' keyboards...it's...well, there's something very simple about his music, and it's ironic that there's such a deliberate, quasi-academic approach involved. know what i mean? i'm definitely not gonna touch whether or not i'm ruining the album by writing about it. that'd be weird.