Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim

Reviewed by: Jillian Crowther
Reviewed on: 2007-03-09

Posted 03/09/2007 - 08:43:47 AM by smwynne:
 I love this album. That guy has an incredible knack for a pop melody.
Posted 03/09/2007 - 01:27:31 PM by grandbanks:
 "Matt and Kim just want to get everyone involved with what they're doing-a rowdy, ecstatic, communal experience." Editor's note here: that hyphen would be better as an emdash or double hyphen. Ascii code for emdash is usually alt 0151 (—). Matt and Kim is certainly the universal obscure myspace referrent for 15-19 year olds right now and fun. Weird how a recent Brooklyn show I played was all like this: Dan Deacon, Japanther, Parts & Labor etc. (positive, upbeat & tuneful with lots of funny hair and day-glo melodies and clothes). Paper rad über alles, I guess. Matt & Kim don't seem to have funny hair, so that is good.