Kaiser Chiefs
Yours Truly, Angry Mob

Reviewed by: Nick Southall
Reviewed on: 2007-02-27

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Posted 02/27/2007 - 08:59:27 AM by blackrooster:
 I am no great Kaiser cheifs fan, but what is the point in having someone who hates them review their album. I could understand if it is humourous (like the view album) or even attempt to be. This is just a boring moan.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 09:15:48 AM by smwynne:
 These guys fucking suck. Hard. Fuck their 'Beatles for Sale' rip off of a cover to.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 09:57:57 AM by seligb:
 You mention them so often in your reviews(?), but I just can't figure out if you really like Chas & Dave or really, really (really!!!... Grrr Chas & Dave, one day I will have my revenge!!*#!) hate them.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 10:47:54 AM by GlottalPlosive:
 If Stylus is down to only three reviews a day, why bother having a writer who already doesn't like a band write a review of an album we know he's not going to like? There are so many other album reviews I'd rather read in its place.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 10:56:47 AM by averyisland:
 why should one review only what they like? the whole point of a critic is to share their opinion, the good, bad & ugly (and sometimes funny). and it's only an opinion, no one's stopping anyone from buying the record or even enjoying it. deal with it.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 11:37:32 AM by J_R_K_:
 i think it's better to have a critic who would tell you he hated a band than a critic who hated a band and didn't tell you. and at least franz ferdinand put out their follow up quickly.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 12:12:39 PM by grandbanks:
 Imagine how boring things would get if people only reviewed things they liked. That would be a complete slog. Kinda miss the days of four reviews, but three is still a decent amount. In general, why complain about free reviews from mostly unpaid writers unless they are being hurtful, disingenuos, uninformed, or something even more egregious? He gave you an out in the first line, move on. Plenty of other record reviews in the world.
Posted 02/27/2007 - 12:42:46 PM by diggles:
 the second Franz album was pretty good btw; don't assume less exposure means lesser work. the opposite is often true actually
Posted 02/27/2007 - 04:14:19 PM by kuttor:
 I haven't heard this album so far, but I can't imagine that it's worse than the new Bloc Party (which was reviewed by Southall too).
Posted 02/28/2007 - 08:57:07 AM by raskolnikov:
 Nicely done, Mr. Southall...this band is garbage, and it's nice to read a shotgun blast of a review against them. I've always hated them for their name alone; it indicates a lack of creativity in their language and a fondness for really bad imagery. Their music is shittier than shit, to quote an angry bastard from the past.
Posted 02/28/2007 - 09:24:18 AM by meatbreak:
 This review should have been a picture of Southall kicking Ricky Wilson in the nuts. It would have been my hatchet job of the year. For the people complaining about this review, you should probably notice that there's compliments in it, and it pretty convincingly deconstructs this band down to their idle ideas. Does it matter if Nick doesn't like this band if he can articulate it well?
Posted 02/28/2007 - 10:08:24 AM by saturnsf:
 I had to hear the album considering its F grade; I couldn't care less what their "ideas" are, what kind of hats they wear, or if they're considered cool here or anywhere else... pretty much every song turned out to be catchy, if in the end not overly memorable. Better than the Bloc Party album that's for sure. Do these guys muder kittens or something?
Posted 02/28/2007 - 10:30:47 AM by NickSouthall:
 "Catchy" is far from the only criteria I use to determine whether I like something and think it's worth bothering with, sadly. This album has, at least in the UK, received a whole raft of 3/5s and 4/5s and 7/10s and not one reviewer has said they like it or feel any connection to it - every piece I've seen has said "It's quite catchy and will probably sell well". It is, and it probably will; but it's still horrible, vapid, unpleasant, thoughtless, lowest-common-denominator stuff and I think people ought to be warned about it.
Posted 02/28/2007 - 11:06:53 AM by meatbreak:
 That there Nick, is all you needed to write for this review. 'Catchy' is about as convincing a recommendation as 'Nice'.
Posted 02/28/2007 - 03:11:24 PM by broken_bricks:
 I think the point that people are trying to get at is why can't we get a review from someone who going to take a Kaiser Chiefs album for what it is - an indie pop album. This review only tells me that the guy doesn't like Kaiser Chiefs, not whether the album is any cop compared to the rest of its ilk. You can't really dismiss KC as rubbish either - it seems everyone has forgotten just how awful pop music was before 2002. I'd much rather my mum or my sister bought a KC album than a Steps album.
Posted 02/28/2007 - 03:53:55 PM by NickSouthall:
 My point is that KC are as bad as Steps are, and just as culturally insidious too - In the same way that Sugababes or Justin Timberlake do dance-oriented pop better than Steps, a dozen bands do anthemic British rock better than KC.
Posted 02/28/2007 - 09:22:29 PM by barbarian:
 Yeah, the Chiefs suck.
Posted 03/01/2007 - 07:30:16 AM by andrewiliff:
 Raskolnikov, their name is stolen from a South African football team (as you may know). So yes: originality, not so much.
Posted 03/05/2007 - 05:50:23 PM by vohpoh:
 OK, we know KC are worthless pop caca, but c'mon Nick, where's the humor? Did you listen to this with a hangover? I say destroy them with a wicked smile, not this hateful unfunny mess. F for the review as well. Boo hoo.
Posted 03/26/2007 - 04:05:49 PM by cinatyte:
 At least he said he hated them straight out. But just don't let Dom Passantino review any more Streets albums, alright?
Posted 05/04/2007 - 09:58:40 AM by bj_randolph:
 The only reason Southall's so pissy is that he genuinely gives a shit. About the state of pop, about British rock, about music. This review is hardly just random bitching; he outlines pretty clearly why he doesn't like the band and why this album in particular stinks. Nicely done.