Marnie Stern
In Advance of the Broken Arm

Kill Rock Stars
Reviewed by: Mike Powell
Reviewed on: 2007-02-21

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Posted 02/21/2007 - 11:42:42 AM by grandbanks:
 I like the "cartoon violence" term and know all too well what you're talking about. It is a really fine line, as some of the work in this realm is pretty exciting, at least at first, but it often is just completely absent of any real feeling. What I have heard of Marnie's stuff does seem a little more complex and interesting, for all of the reasons you describe, and maybe will be a bridge to show a way out of the dead end that this movement has reached, for the most part. All of the Paperad biters (you know, the bad flash-art, rainbow day-glo eighties damaged cats with lazers coming out of their eyes crew) are having fun, and more power to them, but here is a brief way to describe what it really comes down to, for me. I want to like some of this stuff, but the sheer info overload nature of it is often just too exhausting. If looking at someone's site freezes your computer five times in a row, it doesn't matter that maybe your computer sucks, you just stop going to that site. Even if you're looking for cheap kicks, you still want a pay-off.
Posted 02/21/2007 - 08:19:29 PM by syurix:
 Thanks so much for hipping me to this thing In some ways, I feel like I've kind of been waiting for this record ever since it became apparent that Hella wasn't going to make satisfying music again. Also, while I feel like I probably love "cartoon violence" more than any other current in post-millenial culture, I know that part of the point is treating visceral exhaustion as a statement unto itself and that unless you've integrated ADD into your emotional makeup, you probably are still going to be having a WAY less cathartic experience than you would with "since U been gone" with nearly everything in this genre. That said, on a first spin I feel like "In Advance..." is going to point the way out of the corner for "cartoon violence" in terms of learning how to be emotionally resonant. However, it feels more prometheain moment than an Apotheosis right now so, while I really like it, I'm not sure if it's a universal "A."
Posted 02/28/2007 - 02:09:26 PM by prohibitedart:
 Nice review; I don't know if it's quite as stellar as you say, but I like it and can envision it growing on me in the future. However, Mary Timony she is not... yet, anyway.
Also, syurix: what do you mean by "it became apparent that Hella wasn't going to make satisfying music again?" What albums do you prefer by them? I like most everything they've done, but I only really love their first album.
Posted 03/06/2007 - 10:41:52 PM by syurix:
 I really love "Hold Your Horse is" and pretty much regard it as a classic. However, everything I've heard from them since then has fallen short and, with the arrival of "No 666..." I now distinctly feel more like the songwriting, generosity of vision, and outright joy of "HYHI" was a fluke and less like they were evolving to some higher artistic plane. As far as this record though... Amazing. I think, having probably spun it 20 times in a week, that it might end up being, if not a universal classic, a really vital record with hindsight.