No Heroes

Reviewed by: Sam Roudman
Reviewed on: 2006-10-30

Posted 10/31/2006 - 12:25:55 AM by remission_:
 I would argue that this record is at least as good as You Fail Me. Either way, it's defintely one of the best of the year.
Posted 10/31/2006 - 04:11:12 PM by jhitting:
 Question: I saw Converge open for Mastodon in Baltimore, and I swear that the vocalist only said one thing the entire time, be it "What the fuck" or "Raw raw raw". Do the Converge ALBUMS sound like this as well, and if so, how can anyone be into this, seriously?
Posted 11/01/2006 - 07:31:29 AM by meatbreak:
 Jhitting - I think if you're into Mastadon then you really should listen to Jane Doe - especially the final track on it, which Roudman mentions in his review. Some of the trips in tempo and dynamics are something pretty special that no hipster metal band like Mastadon can emulate. Generally, I can't stand hardcore/m,etalcore whatever kind of genre this band get pigeon-holed into - I hear a lot of stuff that sounds similar, but the all miss a vital, or many vital elements that Converge simply have in spades that make them a very sonically interesting band - I guess, something which you turned to Mastadon for. So, Jane Doe man: Get it.