Reviewed by: Ian Cohen
Reviewed on: 2006-10-24

Posted 10/24/2006 - 01:21:32 PM by draglikepull:
 I'm kind of torn on this album. On the one hand, pretty much everything said in the review is true. On the other hand, for some reason I can't figure out, most of the songs really do work for me. The problem, I think, is the whole thing comes across like the also-rans from "Wiretap Scars". There isn't a single bad song, there just isn't anything as memorable as "Cataract" or "Echodyne Harmonic". Jim's lyrics have taken a turn for the worse too. I thought they were great on "Wiretap Scars" and still pretty good on "Porcelain", but here they've become too typical and apolitical. That being said, I still kinda like "Threes", even though I have no clue why.
Posted 10/24/2006 - 02:18:04 PM by garlad1:
 The Ep they put out before wiretap scars was the best. Maybe they SHOULD open for Mars Volta. Although I'd rather see Hella play.