The Thermals
The Body, The Blood, The Machine

Sub Pop
Reviewed by: Andrew Gaerig
Reviewed on: 2006-09-11

Posted 09/22/2006 - 01:05:10 PM by jhitting:
 This album has its flaws, but that's why it's so damned addictive.
Posted 09/27/2006 - 10:45:07 AM by raskolnikov:
 This band is a big yawn. The album's concept is poorly expressed, and musically, it sounds just like their last album. Lyrically they could not be more cheesy if they tried. Slogans do not make for coherent thought, and remaking the same album over and over again does not make for interesting music.
Posted 10/05/2006 - 03:55:45 PM by jhitting:
 raskolnikov I think you are taking over for me as the most argumentative bastard on this site. Relax. Which band isn't a big yawn, IYO?
Posted 10/12/2006 - 05:16:57 PM by dougrokakis:
 If you must know these are the bands that actually turn Raskolnikov on: Sin Ropas, Khanate, Jack Rose, Lightning Bolt, the USAisamonster, Xasthur, Thuja, Nels Cline, Vibracathedral Orchestra, and Oneida. Dynamic guy isn't he?