Christ Illusion

Reviewed by: Cosmo Lee
Reviewed on: 2006-08-14

Posted 08/14/2006 - 11:26:40 AM by scooper:
 fair review. interesting also to encounter "christ illusion"'s cover on the front page of, the new york times' web site.
Posted 08/14/2006 - 03:20:47 PM by meatbreak:
 The lyrics in this album are terrible 6th form psycho-social rhetorical nonsense. Thing is, you read these guys get interviewed and they have no idea how gut-rottingly awful they are when they expound on their lyrical development. Music's alright, metal is seeing much better days than this at the moment, that's for sure. Slayer have nothing left to prove. Pretty much, they have nothing.
Posted 08/21/2006 - 12:24:02 PM by unsaunsa:
 I find it interesting that Diabolus/GHUA are now retrospectively considered to be crap when I think that Diabolus at least is suberb. I'm a Bostaph fan so the whole Lombardo coming back thing wasn't a fantastic deal for me as much as I love his work with early Slayer, Grip Inc, Fantomas whatever. The point is I wasn't chuffed, I wasn't ticked off it just wasn't a wow factor for me. I've never understood why so called fans always rave on about the 'good ol days' when their fave bands actually evolve. If the old days were so good, listen to those albums, easy. The point I'd like to make here though is that Diabolus I felt actually had a kind of unique sound. The whole collision of punk and metal is nothing new but the combination of Araya's over the top vocals and Bostaphs weird drumming gave it just enough colour to make it interesting. In other words, for all the Slayer never changes talk, I thought they were starting to carve out a nice little sound there. I think in trying to capture a Reign In Blood sound here though, they've lost that intensity and replaced it with a derivative approach. It's mediocre.