Reviewed by: Todd Burns
Reviewed on: 2006-05-26

Posted 12/09/2006 - 08:07:34 AM by cliqtech:
 A I've been casually observing Dubstep for a while picking up the odd 12 here and there but it was on hearing a friend drop something from the Southern Comfort EP that I was sold! I actually remember saying “this would work in a Dubstep set” thinking it was Electronica or some other weirdness. As the tune progressed I understood! I immediately bought the album and any 12’s I had missed. This will appeal to lovers of the finer things in electronic music, whether it’s Dabrye, Akufen, Hawtin, Prefuse 73 or Boards of Canada. It’s technically flawless production wise and underneath the many layers of dark sounds you will discover something new on every listen. I’ve also seen it tried and tested in clubs and it gives a full body workout! This is the album of the year for me not only for all the reasons mentioned above but for plunging me headlong into the scene! See also Various Productions, Vex’d, Boxcutter, Geiom etc for similar left of centre stuff or indeed sample the South London Boroughs themselves with the likes of Benga, Ntype, Skream, DJ Pinch and Hyperdub head honcho Kode 9!