Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Show Your Bones

Reviewed by: Josh Timmermann
Reviewed on: 2006-03-29

Posted 03/29/2006 - 01:13:54 PM by cables:
 Great review. I couldn't agree more. Many critics' early reviews are bashing the band for becoming "safe". I think that this record is far superior to fever to tell.
Posted 03/29/2006 - 03:13:51 PM by trevauld:
 Safe? X&Y; is safe, this is progressive. YYY are on the right track, that's trying something else when you can.
Posted 03/29/2006 - 05:09:16 PM by idunnowhy:
 Yes, great album. One of the best of the year along with Man Man. The only things hindering it are the somewhat dull production and the absolutely terrible track 3 (fancy?). Other than that, nearly every song manages to rock out and break your heart at some point or another. And the drumming is absolutely fantastic!
Posted 03/30/2006 - 01:44:01 AM by acid_puppy:
 this album couldnt be more boring if they tried. Im not surprised stylus reviewed it favorably.
Posted 03/30/2006 - 03:56:59 PM by mvdu76:
 Good review this time. I was surprised at how much I liked this album.
Posted 04/03/2006 - 07:16:57 AM by raskolnikov:
 This band is terrible.
Posted 04/15/2006 - 07:55:57 AM by mybloodywtf:
 I was much crazier about Yeah Yeah Yeahs before I heard be your own PET. But this is nonetheless a very good album.
Posted 04/19/2006 - 01:19:21 PM by theresafield:
 the drummer was awesome in rushmore lol