Various Artists
Soul Sides Volume One

Reviewed by: Justin Cober-Lake
Reviewed on: 2006-03-20

Posted 03/21/2006 - 01:20:24 AM by DeSandro:
 I\'m surprised that you didn\'t go more into Wang\'s role as a prominent music-blogger with this review. Of course, it\'s essential that you cover the music, but when I consider the relationship between the author and the work, it\'s full of intrigue. While I am tempted to get this compilation because its good music, I\'m more drawn to it given Wang\'s reputation for picking out incredible tracks week after week on his mp3 blog. This is the second music-blog-compilation CD I can think of (after Music for Robots, vol 1), so it looks like we\'ve got a new music-to-listener dynamic to appreciate. It not quite the same as a magazine compilation, as magazines don\'t regularly release music otherwise. I\'m having trouble verbalizing all of this, but the notion is this: who is making this music: The musician, the compiler, or the listeners?