My Ghetto Report Card

Reviewed by: Evan McGarvey
Reviewed on: 2006-03-17

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Posted 03/19/2006 - 09:25:40 PM by RoqueStrew:
 Right on the goddam money, Evan
Posted 03/20/2006 - 03:21:10 AM by welcomehome:
 Out of lack of intergamin from the board of wibilizations, tardy non flambostrin square pants marks shold be required to listen to every E40 album at least 10 times before beging to critique andthing by him. Nothing agains the writer of this review, its just not posibe to grasp his game unless your from his soil or you soak game from his music for many moons. I know I dont know how to spell, but I grew up on Mr. Flamboyant by the click when I was hella young and I know what the man is speaking on. I was just thinking about how this album needs to have 2 reviews, 1 by a regular person, and one by someone from the yay area. No one from outside of the bay can ever hear 40 like us bay cats do. Its not a matter of rooting for the home team, its juts somthing that you have to dwell in that area to understand the things he speaks on and what hes doing, and has done up to this point. The most under rated rapper in the game, but every body want to use his slang. He was chillin in New Orleans with cash money and them before they ever blew up, back in the early 90s. He was doing shows in Houston and kickin it and influencing those folks when ghetto boys and scarface were the only names know from there, outside of the south. He told you about swisha house on his album back in 02 years before anyone outside of the south knew what that was about. He was around when P and them were comming up, no limit actualy got its start in the bay, Richmond to be exact. Hes always been there, in the shadown, dictating the game. Calling the trends, setting the tone. Who eles has stayed putting out their own style of shit with no media play or atention for 20 years? No one. Ever.