Juelz Santana
What The Game’s Been Missing!

Def Jam
Reviewed by: Evan McGarvey
Reviewed on: 2005-12-05

Posted 02/11/2006 - 01:42:26 PM by theheightstx:
 I would really like to question the degree to which stylus writers give into hype. Is this album really worth the score or is it more like stylus bowing to the pressures set forth by other spin masters. "I’m becoming begrudgingly attracted to Santana’s giddy, self-effacing lines" Granted the author admits that lines are "good", but if they were good why would he have to come to them begrudingly? It's because apparently every other writer in blog-land hypes the Dipset therefore where would Stylus be without doing it to? "Santana sounds significantly more adept while rapping in almost exactly the same style" Almost exactly the same style, eh? But still a B average. "At the end of the album’s 22 overflowing tracks" If Stylus' "Playing God feature has taught us anything is that 22 tracks most likely would fail to keep an album above water in regard to quality. "I may be weirded out sometimes, but now I just want to hang out with him. That’s got to count for something. " How's that for a cult of personality? This is precisely the reason that some argue the punk-rock/DIY nature of publishing is a breeding ground for irresponsible journalism. Disgusting.
Posted 05/01/2007 - 12:01:36 AM by pelicaine: