Live It Out

Last Gang
Reviewed by: Josh Timmermann
Reviewed on: 2005-11-18

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Posted 11/18/2005 - 04:32:41 PM by BeingaBunny:
 I thought Pitchfork was too harsh on Live It Out, and this review's score is more on taret. Although I'd probably rate it a C+ (I'd say their best album is Grow Up & Blow Away). The actual review, however, is horrible. Half of it is about how Timmermann dislikes Broken Social Scene. The review begins with Broken Social Scene bashing and ends with more bashing. Why not more on the actual album you're reviewing, Timmermann? You write like an amateur. I'm sorry.
Posted 11/21/2005 - 04:11:52 AM by Aurens:
 It's curious that the reviewer on Pitchfork had the opposite approach to Metric and came to the opposite conclusion to Josh. While the Pitchfork reviewer's expectation started (understandably) with the band's involvement with Broken Social Scene and (understandably) was disappointed with the difference, Josh is elated with the difference because he was never that taken with BBS in the first place. Both Feist and Metric took a decidedly more straight forward approach to pop than BBS, but it by no means is inferior to the supergroup's sound. If we were to listen to Metric's sound (and its evolution) on its own, I wonder if these two reviewers would finally come to a common ground. Anyway Josh, this was a great review, even though I think of this disc in a more positive light than you do. Also, I thought you liked Monster Hospital? I think it's one of their strongest tracks on the album, and Emily was absolutely magnetic when she delivered it on stage this past October. I agree that Empty is probably their best track on Live It Out, precisely because of its unexpeted turns and as a consequent of these twists, the song grows on me with each listening. You're right in that the songs don't really stay consistently great throughout, but thankfully the overall effect is exhilarating (with a couple of weak tracks, as duly noted). This disc is just so much fun, and even more so live! (BeingaBunny: I don't really like their first attempt with Grow Up & Blown Away. Sure it's less 'produced' than the other two albums, but it is also less mature, stylistically and thematically speaking. Not to mention, it is nowhere as much fun as the other two discs, and when you talk about Metric, you talk about sweating it out 'til the break of dawn in a night club somewhere.
Posted 11/21/2005 - 11:06:06 PM by JohnCameron:
 Beinga: Li'l harsh, maybe? Besides, shelved records just plain don't count. Josh, all this BSS-bashing and not a single mention of "Anthems For A 17-Year-Old Girl," which is both Haines' and BSS' hugest musical triumph? Sadness. Also, "Monster Hospital" is a brilliant punch to the adrenal gland and should be treated as such. Otherwise, mostly agree.