Richard Hawley
Coles Corner

Reviewed by: Jill LaBrack
Reviewed on: 2005-09-29

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Posted 09/29/2005 - 08:47:16 PM by browngirl5566:
 would have been much happier if this had gotten album of the week besides hype parade
Posted 09/29/2005 - 09:29:20 PM by callheraction:
 i could not agree more. wolf parade seems sort of lifeless and even forced sometimes, like 'oh, we need some obnoxious synths here, and why don't you sing like you're cold and aggrivated over it?' coles corner is brilliant from beginning to end, no question about it.
Posted 09/29/2005 - 10:55:04 PM by JohnCameron:
 Would everyone stop knocking Wolf Parade just for three days because I'm seeing them live on Sunday and I don't want to hear hype or anti-hype which might colour the live performance and goddamn do I love Richard Hawley. I regret only giving "The Ocean" a seven.