George Strait
Somewhere Down In Texas

MCA Nashville
Reviewed by: Thomas Inskeep
Reviewed on: 2005-09-16

Posted 09/18/2005 - 04:28:20 AM by srkenney:
 Okay. I really appreciate it when you guys cover mainstream stuff, I really do. Even country, when you're turning us on to somthing remarkable and worth reading about/listening to. I'm not one of those people who says "everything but country" when I'm asked what I listen to. That being said, as much as I hate to jump on the "haters" bandwagon here... did we really need to be told that the new George Strait album isn't up to snuff? Maybe it's just because I live in the Texas of Canada and have to hear this stuff everytime I leave my house, but this just seems like a waste of resources, doesn't it? If this album was worth telling us about, wouldn't it be given a bit better than a D+? I certainly hope it wasn't reviewed just to flip off the people who have been giving you a hard time lately. Just... in the future, I guess when you're reviewing super-mainstream stuff like this, stick to telling us about the extraordinary stuff please, since it's usually pretty safe to assume that everything else is going to suck.
Posted 09/19/2005 - 02:10:34 AM by mattmc387:
 gonna have to agree
Posted 09/19/2005 - 04:25:02 AM by IanMathers:
 So by that rationale we shouldn't bother wasting resources on any D+ albums, then? I mean, you can just assume if we don't write about it it's crap, right?
Posted 09/19/2005 - 09:33:21 AM by srkenney:
 As I said... "mainstream stuff." I can turn on my TV, any radio station, or walk out my front door to hear this stuff on my own. Strange to relate, but none of the radio stations around here often play Scandinavian folk music. Hell, or British indie. I understand that it's a balancing act between writing about things people know about and things no one else has ever heard, but come on... this? This is a gimme. If you're going to highlight something with this sort of mass exposure, at least pick something that's more interesting and less mediocre. Or, even better, write about country the way you guys cover other genres: a nice healthy blend of mainstream and independant. There's good country out there, I think.
Posted 09/19/2005 - 09:59:38 AM by srkenney:
 I guess it's the equivalent of "you know that new Aerosmith album? Yeah, it's not very good."