Ghost Reveries

Reviewed by: Cosmo Lee
Reviewed on: 2005-09-13

Posted 09/13/2005 - 08:26:06 AM by TheBrad:
 Cosmo, did you like Ulver's latest? Stew hated it.
Posted 09/13/2005 - 12:11:27 PM by dubidet:
 hated it is putting it mildly. if yr interested in ulver pick up bergtattt and nattens madrigal. i will fight cosmo if he says otherwise.
Posted 09/13/2005 - 02:37:02 PM by cosmokane31:
 TheBrad, I actually haven't heard Ulver's latest. Stewart's review scared me away - although now that I think about it, extremely negative reviews are just as interesting as extremely positive ones, and I may check the album out for that reason. dubidet, it seems that Ulver now is basically a different band than when it started, but yes, the old stuff is darn good. No fighting need be had!